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There are over a billion websites on the internet today. Naturally, some are extremely popular while others are rare. Some are designed better than others, some serve a wider audience than others, some are updated more often and are more accurate than others, and so on.

These days, an online presence is vital for any business, even for brick-and-mortar stores that don’t conduct e-commerce. Studies have shown that 97 % of consumers search for local businesses online, while 94 % of B2B buyers research companies online first.

While creating a website you should keep these tips in your mind. Midinnings as a Web development agency in Udaipur can help you out from the creation of your website to its maintenance.

1. Establish Your Goals

Before creating a website, you should be aware of what your website wants to accomplish. Is your goal to sell products through the website or convert your visitors to long-term clients or maybe both of these. The thing is you just need to have a goal in mind to structure the website accordingly from the very beginning.

If you create your website without having your goal, then it will be confusing your visitors and also you will not able to reach your targeted goal. Once you have your goal set in your mind, then you can look for any website development company. 

For more info on same, you can contact Midinnings – Web development company in Udaipur.

2. Selecting Domain Name And Hosting Provider

Selecting the right domain name is a very important part of website development. You need to select a domain name that makes sense to your work, easy to remember by visitors and also can be useful from the reference of SEO.  But choosing a preferable domain is also not easy as there are millions of websites on the internet and it may be possible that the domain you are looking for is already taken. You can Brainstorm the different type of Keywords that you like and is related to your business for the domain name.

Selecting a Web hosting plan is equally important. It all depends on the amount of traffic landing on your site. 

3. Planning The Website Creation Strategy

Building a website using a Content Management System(CMS) or not depends on various parameters. If you want to build a static website and you have the skills to build an HTML website, then a basic website without a backend is cheaper and faster. But if you want to expand the data on your website frequently, then you should go with CMS. We at Middinings – web development company in Udaipur works on various kinds of CMS including WordPress and Codeignitor.

4. Writing Unique Content For Your Website

Analyse few Keywords for your website related to your business to write the content. Include 3-5 keywords for different section or pages of your website. It’s important to use keywords in headings and page titles and also in other text in regards to SEO.

At Midinnings – Digital Marketing Agency in Udaipur, we spend some extra time in writing content and include keyword so that the website ranks higher in the search engine.

5. Building The Website

This is the part we have researched for as in this process we are building our product i.e., website. Building a website using a CMS requires a very limited building process. Also, it depends on your CMS that how much you need to build and how many extensions or plugins you’ll require to run your website as desired. If you build your website from scratch, you’ll need to convert your website template into a website.

While building a website, there are several things to keep in mind in reference to SEO like using different headers, using “alt” tag for images, etc. We as a Digital Marketing Company in Udaipur build your website with keeping SEO in mind from very starting.

6. Testing The Website

After completing the development part of your website, one very crucial part you should not forget is proper testing of the website before making it live. Google does not rank a website which has errors on its page. Test all the pages, functions and check your website in different web browsers. Make sure to solve all major issues on the website before publishing it.

7. Promoting The Website

Once your website is live, it’s useless unless someone visits your site. There are many different ways to get traffic to your new website. Some of them are paid while some are free. You need to advertise your website through different channels and partners. You need to submit your website links and press release to various paid and free submission services sites. Send your press release to as many organizations as possible, there is always a chance that your website may get listed in some newsletter. You can reach out to Midinnings for any kind of help to get traffic to your website. 

8. Checking Website Statistics

Now your website is live and there is some amount of traffic on your website, which may be less or more than your expectations. Now you need to identify how your visitors behave on your website. There are many statistics software available like Google Analytics to know various parameters such as bounce rate, which page is visited most, how many pages have been viewed by a visitor, after which page a visitor is leaving your website. You can use such software and optimize the content and data on your website based on your analytics. 

It is always difficult to build a website especially when you’re not into it. But it’s more difficult to promote a website. Good thing that there are companies like Midinnings that do the job.

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