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BTL Marketing is short for below-the-line marketing, which refers to an advertising strategy in which products are promoted through nontraditional channels. Traditional channels of advertising include mainstream radio, print formats, movies, billboards and television. Below-the-line marketing sets aside these formats in favor of reaching out to people directly, either through trade shows, catalogs, direct-mail campaigns or ads that appear when people use search engines.

One of the reasons that below-the-line marketing is preferable in many cases is because it is more affordable. Paying for advertisement space in traditional media channels can be expensive, and this might be particularly harmful to smaller businesses that cannot afford to appear in those channels. A BTL agency finds ways of marketing to consumers even when a business lacks a large budget.

This form of marketing is effective at gaining the attention of consumers by directly placing the product in front of them rather than hoping an advertisement catches the customer’s attention. An in-store demonstration, for example, has the potential to connect customers directly with brand representatives who can use that opportunity to sell the product. Likewise, search engine advertisements for a product appear in front of people who have conducted searches for similar products. The advantage of below-the-line marketing is that it is targeted and affordable, in contrast to above-the-line marketing.


Outdoor advertisements

Another massive tool of BTL marketing, outdoor advertising has been used since ages in the field of marketing. In fact, where outdoor advertising mainly involved large billboards, they have now moved to using large televisions or pixel screens in public areas like restaurants, parks etc. And the hoardings are reserved for highways or out of city locations.

The target of outdoor advertisements is to get a higher mind share from the customer. Just by looking at the ad in a restaurant, or while driving on the road, or while sitting in the park, the customer begins to recall the ad when he is making a purchase, thereby giving the ROI as well as the brand equity to the brand which is advertising via outdoor advertisements.

Sales promotions

Ever noticed how e-commerce companies have boomed in the last decade because of the word “SALE”. Every other month there is a sale. If not by one e-commerce company, then by another. And each of them are at loggerheads on who can sell cheaper.

Why do these companies want to sell cheaper? Because then they can sell in high volume. Which is the dream of any company. And hence sales promotions are a common tactic used in below the line marketing.

Pamphlets, brochures, paper inserts

The list of paper material which can be used for BTL marketing is huge. You can use visiting cards, flyers, pamphlets, banners, brochures, paper inserts, anything and everything that your mind can think of. There are vehicles which have rotating ads on the sides, and these vehicles keep running around in a designated area to attract customers.



BTL promotions are not a one-time activity. For quantifiable results you need to promote your brand systematically and consistently. Then why not opt for a BTL activity setup that is reusable? Built using premium quality material. BTL activities setups can be reused for several events at various venues. With interchangeable graphics you can reuse the same setup for your next campaign as well.


Why restrict your BTL promotion ideas for design constraints? With us, design possibilities are limitless. Our skilled team will create designs to match your marketing ideas and ensure that your brand is represented appropriately. Not only this, you can also reconfigure your promotional kits for your next campaign for a whole new setup!


Our promotional setups are lightweight. They come in sturdy and compact packaging created specifically to you choose you can either transport our setups in a minivan or an MUV.


Designed and built using advanced modular technology, setups are easy to install and dismantle. Our setups have pre-engineered modular parts that ensure swift assembly of the setup.